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Python is my programming language of choice for most tasks. I've used it in a variety of contexts ranging from web-scraping to system administration to processing geodata. Here are a few examples.

Document Portal


One of my responsibilities as a manufacturing engineer was to provide production staff with the documentation needed to perform their jobs. The documentation included work instructions, inspection instructions, engineering drawings, performance specifications, job aids, and numerous other classes. The documents were maintained by many different entities within the organization and documents were scattered in numerous repositories. As an ISO 9001 certified firm, we had quality control procedures that required the production staff to verify each time they used the document that they were using the authoritative version of the document. With help from other team members, I created a utility called Document Portal to simplify this verification process and provide a single point of access for the various repositories, thereby saving significant time and reducing the likelihood that an unauthorized version would be used.


The original version of the application stored data for all products in a single CSV file and had a Tk-based graphical user interface:

Document Portal version 1 user interface screenshot

The second version incorporated user feedback and eliminated the GUI in favor of a simpler (faster) text-based interface and stored data in individual Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) files for each product. It also introduced a number of new features including parent/child document relationships, document effectivity dates, and transparent redirection.

Document Portal version 2 user interface screenshot


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Author: Adam Porr

Created: 2018-01-17 Wed 12:29