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I have been asked to develop several custom web mapping applications recently, and in doing this I have become proficient with Javascript. Following are some examples of my work.

Ohio Land Exchange (OH/LEX) parcel selector web application


The LEX (land exchange) process was developed by professors Tijs van Maasakkers, Jake Boswell, and Kristi Cheramie in the Knowlton School of Architecture at the Ohio State University. It consists of a set of tools intended to help communities reactivate vacant and abandoned parcels by leveraging the interest of multiple community stakeholders. Two key steps in the LEX process are identification of available parcels that meet the needs of each stakeholder and finding opportunities for collaboration between stakeholders. While working for the Center for Urban and Regional Analysis, I developed the "Prospector" web application to assist with both of these steps. The Prospector web interface allows each stakeholder to identify parcels that satisfy complex attribute and spatial criteria, and allows a facilitator to overlay query results to reveal parcels that meet the needs of multiple stakeholders.


OH/LEX Prospector user interface screenshot

System diagram

OH/LEX Prospector system diagram


The following slides were presented at GIS 2017 at the Ohio State University.

This browser does not support inline PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF

The presentation above is also available with speaking notes.

Video demonstration

This four-minute screencast demonstrates Prospector features and a typical workflow.

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